October 19, 2007

Oct. 19, 2007
Electronic Design's Annual YOUR Issue: Dream Jobs
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YOUR INTRODUCTION Speaking of Dream Jobs, How About This One? By Joe Desposito The EE Profession: Dreams Versus Reality By Jay McSherry YOUR ISSUES EEs Join The Six-Figure Club By Jay McSherry Global Warming Strikes The Cubes And Benches By Jay McSherry Education And R&D Can Save The Future By John Arkontaky
Differing Interests Define Engineering Dream Jobs By Kristina Fiore Boldly Go Where Few EEs Have Gone Before By Richard Gawel Wizard Of Woz Keeps Casting His Spells By John Arkontaky Young EE Carves His Own Path To Success By Kristina Fiore Reader Dream Jobs By Kristina Fiore
Paul Baran: Cold War Comm Work Lays Grounds For 'Net Shopping By Kristina Fiore Nolan Bushnell: Serious Thoughts About Fun And Games By Doris Kilbane Aart de Geus: A Simple Question Yields A Complex Career By John Arkontaky Douglas C. Engelbart: The Mouse That Roared By Doris Kilbane Don Knuth: The Historian Of The Computer Age By Kristina Fiore Walter O. LeCroy: Engineer, Entrepreneur, Photographer By John Arkontaky SPONSORED EDITORIAL DESIGN FAQs · Louis E. Frenzel RF Detectors For Wireless Devices

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