March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007
Communication And Common Sense Rule In PCB Design
Sponsored by Chip Estimate:Test drive IP FREE on FEATURESCOVER STORY/ENGINEERING FEATURE· William WongCautiously Optimistic Exhibitors Revisit ESC In 2007As the dust settles in the embedded sector, vendors return to the Embedded Systems Conference. TECHNOLOGY REPORT· Louis E. FrenzelDSL Dominates Broadband WorldwideSuprisingly, cable still edges out DSL in the U.S. But more carriers are turning to DSL as they move to IPTV and the triple play.
DEPARTMENTSENGINEERING ESSENTIALS· David MaliniakCommunication And Common Sense Rule In PCB DesignSuccessful PCB design demands a concurrent approach.DESIGN VIEW· Stuart Jamieson, Emerson Network PowerMicro Means Modularity In Telecom MicroTCA takes advantage of mezzanine cards developed for the AdvancedTCA platform by eliminating the need for carrier cards.EMBEDDED IN ELECTRONIC DESIGN · Modules Combine Build And Buy Decision · Eclipse-Based Module Kit For $99 · Module Builds On Lantronix XPort · Off-The-Shelf Chips Take The Semi-Custom Route · 32-Bit Processors Proliferate · IDE Gets Snappy · Drive Controller Can Do CAN · Microkernel RTOS Adds Wear-Level Flash Memory Manager IDEAS FOR DESIGNLED Battery Charger Becomes A Subfunction In A Microcontroller· Nedjeliko Lekic, Zoran Mijanovic, and Vasil Davidovic, University of MontenegroDrive Smart Cards With A Low-Cost MCU's UART· Carlos Cossio, senior smart card engineer
THE INDUSTRYShift To Digital Improves Aircraft Early Warning Systems · Build A Color Printer For The Cost Of A B&W Model ANALOG & POWER· Don TuiteAmp Designers Find Novel Ways To Use Charge Pumps · Self-Contained POL Modules Hit The Mainstream EDA· David MaliniakSystemVerilog Verification Reaches For Higher Productivity · Sequential Power Optimization Tool Pinpoints Clock-Gating Opportunities At RTLDIGITAL· Daniel HarrisMobile A/V Chip Offers Performance Without Requiring Lots Of Power · Design Tip: Create An FPGA-Based Design · 56-nm MLC NAND Writes 10 Mbytes/sWIRELESSICs Keep AM/FM Radio On Top Of Broadcast Media · High-Linearity Mixers, Modulators, And Demodulators Improve Basestation PerformanceCOLUMNSSPONSORED EDITORIALEDITORIAL· Mark DavidGet Kids Involved In Electronics Before We Become Extinct PEASE PORRIDGE· Bob PeaseWhat's All This Capacitor Leakage Stuff, Anyhow? POINT OF VIEW· Paul McLellan, VirutechPerformance Is A Plus, But Debugging Dogs Developers DESIGN FAQs· William WongMultimedia Automotive NetworksBASICS OF DESIGN· William WongStreamlining Heterogeneous System DesignElectronic Design TOC e-Newsletter Contacts

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