July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007
Building A Virtual Wall To Protect Our Borders
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Sponsored By True Circuits: True Circuits offers a broad range of quality PLL and DLL IP that supports the latest high-speed interface standards. FEATURES COVER STORY/ENGINEERING FEATURE · John Edwards Building A Virtual Wall To Protect Our Borders Planned electronic walls on the nation's borderlines will use the latest surveillance, sensor, and communications tools. But can technology take the place of sturdy physical barriers? TECHNOLOGY REPORT · Louis E. Frenzel Advanced Internet Srevices Accelerate New Fiber Options With costs finally dropping in the quest for fiber to the home, PONs have broken out as the leader in the expansion of fiber-optical usage.
DEPARTMENTS ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS · David Maliniak Analog/Full-Custom Flows Move Toward Interoperability The IPL Initiative seeks to bring openness, and with it greater productivity, to the creation of PCells and process design kits for full-custom design. LEAPFROG: FIRST LOOK · William Wong Chip Twists ARM With Custom Logic DESIGN VIEW · George Bakewell Increase Visibility Into FPGA-Based Prototypes EMBEDDED IN ELECTRONIC DESIGN · Does Multicore Scale? · Module Takes A Spin · Tiny DSC Targets Sensors · Reconfigurable Architecture Targets Military Sensor Systems · Infiniband Links 512 Cores/Rack IDEAS FOR DESIGN Single LED Takes On Both Light Emitting And Detecting Duties · Radovan Stojanovic and Dejan Karadaglic
THE INDUSTRY · John Edwards OLEDs Will Be Everywhere—Even In The Shirt On Your Back ANALOG & POWER · Don Tuite Power Supplies Push Power-Density Limits EDA · David Maliniak Multimode Analyzer Leverages Power Of Multithreaded Platforms DIGITAL · Daniel Harris New Technologies Enable More Moore TEST · Louis E. Frenzel Digitizer Maximizes Test Data Throughput With Low Power Consumption COLUMNS EDITORIAL · Mark David Puerto Rico—A Shining Star In Aerospace Engineering PEASE PORRIDGE · Bob Pease What's All This Production Costs Stuff, Anyhow? POINT OF VIEW · George Koo, Deloitte & Touche U.S. Export Control Policy Hunts American Interests In China

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