October 11, 2007

Oct. 11, 2007
Active Auto Safety Markets Shine Beyond 2009
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FEATURES COVER STORY/ENGINEERING FEATURE · Mat Dirjish Active Auto Safety Markets Shine Beyond 2009 Buckle up for a tour of new technologies like TPMS and other intelligent sensors that are about to make driving safer than ever. TECHNOLOGY REPORT · Roger Allan IC Packages Feel The Squeeze Packing more IC functionality into smaller form factors stacks the deck against IC makers and foreshadows difficult interconnect challenges. ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS · Louis E. Frenzel 'New' Approaches To RF And Wireless Test The SDR Architecture is just one of the technologies applied to help speed and simplify complex measurements.
DEPARTMENTS LEAPFROG: FIRST LOOK · William Wong 64-Core Chip Spins SMP Design To Higher Performance Levels DESIGN SOLUTION · Alex Mihalka, International Rectifier Go Green With Class D 100-W And Higher Audio Power Amplifiers IDEAS FOR DESIGN Constant-Current Source Creates Slope-Compensation Ramp In SMPS · Claude Abraham, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems CLASSIC IDEAS FOR DESIGN Multivoltage Supervisor Shuts Down Supply And Monitors Faults · Carlos Martinez, Intersil Corp. Embedded In Electronic Design · William Wong Clean Cabling Versus Home High Def Flash Drive Hops Onto Header Celeron-Based Panel Pitches Fan What Can We Say About DLNA?
THE INDUSTRY · William Wong For Multicore Graphical Programming Support, Try LabVIEW 8.5 ANALOG & POWER · Don Tuite Silver-Zinc Laptop Batteries Gain Traction At IDF TEST & MEASUREMENT · Louis E. Frenzel SAS And SATA Protocol Analyzer Targets Portable And Field Testing EDA · David Maliniak Model Library Supports Virtual Platforms COLUMNS EDITORIAL · Joe Desposito January's Smartphone Stars Don't Seem So Smart Today PEASE PORRIDGE · Bob Pease What's All This Safety Margin Stuff, Anyhow? POINT OF VIEW · John Langdon, HelioVolt With PV Technology, Spread Electronic Mayo On Your Roof
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