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BAE Systems Selects Tadiran To Power Guided-Projectile Initiative

BAE Systems has opted for Tadiran Batteries, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries, to provide the juice for its military contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in their Optically Directed Attack Munitions (ODAM) program. With ODAM, DARPA hopes to develop the technology to convert 60-mm mortars into a precision-guided munitions system. BAE Systems selected Tadiran for its TLM-1530HP lithium battery, which suits weight, size, and performance specifications for this operation well. Compared to BAE Systems’ original plan to use CR2 cells with 3-V output and a five-year shelf life, the TLM-1530 battery has an open circuit voltage of 4 V, and can handle pulses of up to 6.5 A, with 2.5-A continuous load. This robust power source boasts ≥ 1% discharge rate per year at room temperature—resulting in an approximate 20-year lifespan. It also has a -40°C to 85°C temperature range. Powered by Tadiran, the duo hope to develop and eventually test in a live-fire scenario within two years. After this time DARPA hopes to add a cheap, laser-guided, optical seeker 60-mm mortar weapon to the military’s arsenal. “This is a significant contract award for Tadiran. The ODAM program is an excellent application to utilize our cutting-edge technology for military applications,” said Sol Jacobs, vice president and general manager for Tadiran. “We are committed to continued support for DARPA’s ODAM program and working closely with BAE Systems.” BAE Systems
www.baesystems.com Tadiran Batteries
www.tadiranbat.com DARPA

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