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Bluetooth Plan Focuses On User Experience

Bluetooth products are beginning to show themselves in the market. To ensure that end users have a positive Bluetooth experience, the Bluetooth SIG (www.bluetooth.com) recently unveiled the "5-Minute Ready" plan. This program was created to challenge and guide wireless-product developers and manufacturers to deliver devices that give consumers a "five-minute out-of-the-box experience."

Throughout last year, associate member companies met face-to-face to focus on steps that would enhance interoperability among Bluetooth-enabled products from different vendors. This new "5-Minute Ready" plan applies insights learned at the group's "Unplugfests," last fall's "All Hands Meeting," and Associate Round Tables worldwide.

Essentially, the plan was spawned to meet the evolving needs of the industry as diverse Bluetooth products come to market. According to the plan, consumers will be given resources so that they can learn to quickly and conveniently use Bluetooth wireless technology. Manufacturers will be provided with guidelines and tools for development and design. These tools will help the manufacturers deliver products that work together in minutes. Ideally, "5-Minute Ready" will help the industry take responsibility for consumers having a successful experience with any Bluetooth wireless-equipped product—every time and all the time.

The Bluetooth product designers, developers, and manufacturers' portion of the "5-Minute Ready" program will be available this quarter. It includes the following initiatives:

  • A Bluetooth Designer Handbook with information on best practices and recommended methodologies for Bluetooth implementations
  • Reference platforms against which manufacturers can test their products
  • The establishment of an independent testing facility for device interoperability at the University of Kansas (sponsored by the Bluetooth SIG)
  • A Bluetooth User Lexicon, available in 33 languages, to provide a region-based glossary of terms for performing common Bluetooth functions, such as "pairing" and "discoverable"

The consumer phase of the "5-Minute Ready" program also is rolling out this quarter. It centers on an overall Web site redesign for www.bluetooth.com. Consumer-education tools will now serve as the site's primary function. These tools will include:

  • The publication of consumer-use cases, potential product pairs, and a searchable consumer-product database. This database is designed to familiarize users with applications and scenarios for Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • A Troubleshooting Guide about basic use concepts and tips to enhance the benefits of Bluetooth wireless technology
  • A glossary to provide definitions for common Bluetooth wireless terms

The Bluetooth SIG is using this program to reach out to designers, manufacturers, and consumers alike. If its plan works, the world will soon be filled with interoperable, easy-to-use Bluetooth devices.

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