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Broadcom Wins Appeal Against Qualcomm

A federal appeals court reversed a lower court's dismissal of antitrust claims Broadcom brought against Qualcomm in 2005. A federal judge in New Jersey had dismissed Broadcom's suit last year, but a three-judge appeals panel ordered the lower court to reconsider two parts of Broadcom's suit, enabling Broadcom to pursue its monopolization claims against Qualcomm. Broadcom alleged that Qualcomm engaged in illegal practices to thwart competition for cell phones using WCDMA network technology. The panel of judges decided the case raises "important questions regarding whether a patent holder's deceptive conduct before a private standards-determining organization may be condemned under the antitrust laws," according to a Broadcom release. Broadcom initially alleged eight claims against Qualcomm. The claims revived in this most recent court case are the only two that remain.

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