Cameron Acknowledges LPRS’s Commitment To U.K. Design

Cameron Acknowledges LPRS’s Commitment To U.K. Design

Witney, the U.K.: U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron visited industrial short-range radio company LPRS to acknowledge its commitment to designing and manufacturing in the U.K. and congratulate it on its success (see the figure).  

Also, Cameron was interested to discover how recent legislation and government initiatives such as the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering and UKTI may impact small U.K. companies and what help might be made available to promote further growth and recruitment.

LPRS recently carried out a review of its manufacturing costs. Despite considering manufacturing sites in Asia and Eastern Europe, the company selected new partners in the U.K. LPRS managing director John Sharples said that by outsourcing procurement and carefully selecting a new subcontract manufacturer, the company was able to reduce the final cost of its product by 10% while retaining the flexibility of manufacturing in the U.K.


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