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Catch That Play On Your PDA


Carriers and content deliverers have been bustling to find applications that will persuade users to pay for data. They're now looking toward offerings that will attract consumers through their own interests and passions. In one example, FOX Sports (www.foxsports.com) is allowing fans to watch daily video highlights on their personal digital assistants (PDAs).

FOXSports.com on Lycos offers its video content as a subscription-based product to Mazingo subscribers (see figure). The video highlights are digitally delivered in VHS quality. They are updated automatically when users synchronize their devices.

The FoxSports.com Channel on Mazingo plans to offer exclusive and compelling content from FOX Sports and FOX Sports Net programming. It also will make available other content that has been specifically acquired for this partnership. The FOX-controlled broadcast and cable properties broadcast a combined total of more than 4000 pro and college sports games. Each year, they also broadcast hundreds of hours of sports-related shows, which will include the upcoming daily extreme-sports program, "54321." Now, fans won't have to wait for the evening news to see sports highlights.

The FOXSports.com channel is being offered as part of Mazingo's Digital Video Package, along with hundreds of other video and audio shows. Additionally, it can be ordered as an a la carte item for fans who only want daily FOX Sports highlights. For more information, visit the Web site: www.mazingo.net.

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