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Cellular Phone Strives For World Dominance

Until recently, there's been hardly any reason to bring one's cell phone abroad. As different regions and countries rallied around their favorite standards and fought to have them succeed, no one took steps to make sure that these technologies were compatible across the globe. Now, globe-trotting cell-phone users can turn to the a790 Global Phone from Samsung and Verizon.

This quad-band global phone incorporates CDMA and GSM technology. The a790 utilizes QUALCOMM's MSM6300 chip-set solution, which is designed to allow global roaming between GSM and CDMA2000 1X networks. The phone permits Verizon Wireless customers to use the same wireless phone and phone number in the U.S. and overseas on the Vodafone network. Vodafone provides coverage throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Although the a790 features an integrated digital camera, travelers can't share pictures over the Vodafone network. The a790 also boasts features like a luminous 260,000-color main screen for optimal Internet, game, and picture viewing. And its 65,000-color external screen is ideal for picture caller ID. Thanks to the phone's advanced voice-recognition technology, consumers can use their natural voices to dial phone numbers and launch phone applications.

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