CES 2013

CES 2013

Electronic Design reports on new gadgets and technologies from the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas.

Like most of you, we love to see all the new gadgets at CES and listen to industry luminaries talk about consumer electronics. But at Electronic Design we’re even more interested in the new technologies that have not yet made it to the show floor, but are being shown in the meeting rooms and suites scattered around the venue. These are the technologies that our readers want to know about, as they prepare to develop products for the new year and beyond.

This year, Joe Desposito, Lou Frenzel, Bill Wong and Jackie Cross report on new gadgets and technologies from the event. Check out this page regularly for new reports and updates from CES 2013.

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    • Jan. 7, 2013

      USB 3.0 Gets A Speed Boost At CES 2013

      USB 3.0 is already the fastest USB interface around. It is going to double its throughput using the same connections but new cabling will be required.....More
    • Jan. 2, 2013

      The Cortex-A15 At CES 2013

      The Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner and it looks like Arm's Cortex-A15 will be a big player in consumer electronics....More
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CES 2013 Engineering TV Videos

Check out our video coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show on Engineering TV.


Fraunhofer IIS 3D Sound in an Audi Concept Car - CES 2013

Robert Bleidt, Division General Manager at Fraunhofer IIS, explains how Bang & Olufsen, Audi and Fraunhofer IIS have partnered to implement 3D Sound the Audi Q7 concept car, as well as other advances his company has made in digital audio.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


GreenPeak Smart Home Technology Gives Carriers a "Fifth Play" - CES 2013

Cees Links, founder and CEO of GreenPeak Technologies, discusses how a "fifth play" (i.e. service operators such as cable companies) might evolve and the solutions his company has for it.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


AMD's New Processors Support PC Computing On Notebooks and Tablets - CES 2013

Gabe Gravning, Product Marketing Manager at AMD, talks about three new A-Series processors that support Windows 8 on notebooks and PCs: Richland, Kabini and Temash.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Real-Time Wireless Video Using WHDI Technology – CES 2013


David Shefler, Vice President of Marketing, AMIMON, demonstrates the company's latest solutions for real-time wireless video using WHDI technology over 5GHz.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


New Atmel Touch Controller Works with Gloves On - CES 2013

Tony Xia, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Atmel, demonstrates some features of the company's new MXT540S touch controller.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


EnGenius Cloud Pod Router Accepts an External USB Drive - CES 2013

At Showstoppers in Las Vegas, Eric Chen, Product Marketing Manager at EnGenius Technologies, talks about the company's new Cloud Pod router, which includes a wireless AC (802.11ac) router, built-In gigabit switch, USB, and media streaming platform with management and monitoring via EnGenius' Cloud Services.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


InvenSense Gyroscope Tackles Optical Image Stabilization - CES 2013

Mehran Ayat, Director of Product Marketing at InvenSense, gives a demo that shows how the company's sensors can enhance optical image stabilization (OIS) for cameras in smart phones.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Ray Tracing Gets A Speed Boost With Caustic Professional and Imagination Technologies - CES 2013

Luke Peterson, Director of Research and Strategy for Caustic Professional at Imagination Technologies, explains how Caustic has made ray tracing technology available at an affordable price.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Dropcam for iPad offers Cloud-based DVR Service - CES 2013

At the Pepcom event during CES 2013 the makers of the Dropcam HD released a new app for the iPad that allows users of the Wi-Fi video camera to view live video streams of up to four Dropcams simultaneously as well as receive activity alerts and capture photos with the cloud-based DVR service.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Targus Touch Pen Turns Your Laptop into Touchscreen Device - CES 2013

Do you have a Windows 8 laptop or ultrabook, but didn't opt for a touchscreen? Targus's new Touch Pen communicates with a small receiver that attaches to the side of your screen, and simulates a touchscreen experience so you can harness all the features of Windows 8.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Lantronix xPrintServer Office Edition - CES 2013

At CES 2013, Lantronix was demonstrating the newest iteration of their xPrintServer, which enables wireless printing for iOS devices. The Office Edition offers support for USB printers, proxy servers and remote authentication.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot - CES 2013

iRobot's updated gutter cleaning robot was on display at CES 2013. It now features a 7.2V Lithium-ion battery, a four-stage auger spinning at 500 RPM, and increased communications range between the robot and remote control handle, which allows the Looj to clean longer stretches of gutter without having to move your ladder as often.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Rambus Debuts New LED Light Bulb Design - CES 2013

At CES 2013, Rambus was showing off a new LED light bulb with an innovative convection-cooling thermal design and Rambus’ MicroLens optical technology.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


iNotebook Pen Transmits Handwriting to iPad - CES 2013

Targus' iNotebook folio and Bluetooth enabled pen allows iPad users to wirelessly transfer what they write (notes, sketches, etc.) on paper directly to their iPad, without needing any special paper.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


A Smart Home Solution from STMicroelectronics

Luca Difalco of STMicroelectronics talks about a smart home solution that includes sensors, set top box, software and a relationship with IBM for storage in the cloud.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


National Instruments Beefs Up Platform for LEGO MINDSTORMS with EV3

At CES 2013, Ray Hsu of National Instruments shows off the latest LEGO MINDSTORMS robotic platform, EV3, which includes a programming language based on LabVIEW.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


Maxim Integrated Takes Keyless Entry to a Whole New Level

At CES 2013, Maxim Integrated's Farhad Farahbakhshian explains the nuances of a new smart key that operates at 22 kHz.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)



Invensas Memory Modules Make a Big Impact on Ultrabooks

Richard Crisp, VP and Chief Technologist at Invensas, explains their DIMM-in-a-Package technology from CES 2013.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)


IDT Showcases Wireless Power Solutions

Siamak Bastami explains IDT's wireless power portfolio, which encompasses both magnetic inductance and magnetic resonance solutions, at CES 2013.
(Videography by Lorraine Desposito)

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