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Companies Collaborate On WiMAX Deployment

The principality of Monaco's telecommunications and internet company, Monaco Telecom, is working with Alvarion, Cisco, and Nokia to establish a "Center of Excellence" for Mobile WiMAX. The aim of the initiative is to enable citizens of Monaco to use Voice over Internet Protocol, streaming video, and other applications on-the-go. Alvarion, which provides wireless broadband networking solutions, will contribute its 4Motion technology, enabling the delivery of broadband access for business or personal use. Cisco's Broadband Wireless Gateway solution will provide open WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN) gateway functionality, and Nokia will contribute its expertise in mobility as well as an Internet Tablet compatible with WiMAX 2.5 GHz. Monaco Telecom has already deployed a WiMAX network in Tunisia. "We envision the Center of Excellence as the manifestation of best-of-breed WiMAX, and with an ultimate result of implementation in different networks around the world," Denis Martin, CEO of Monaco Telecom, said in a statement.

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