Conflict-Free Tantalum Capacitors On The Move

Fountain Inn, S.C., USA: Validated conflict-free tantalum capacitors, the first of their kind according to AVX, have been shipped to Motorola Solutions. The devices consist of conflict-free tantalite ore mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of the “Solutions for Hope” initiative.

Tantalum is derived from the mineral coltan, which is in rich supply in the DRC. Thousands of people in the DRC, many operating outside of the conflict regions, depend on artisanal mining of coltan and other minerals.

Conflict-free tantalite ore processing is underway in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Solutions for Hope demonstrates a process for delivering conflict-free coltan. This enables companies to meet the requirements of the impending Dodd-Frank legislation, which states that U.S. companies must fully disclose the use of certain minerals, including tantalum, in their products. Moreover, they must describe the purchasing process used to ensure that these minerals don’t fund illegally armed groups operating in the DRC.

The basis of the process is an AVX-controlled and -funded “closed pipe.” Tantalite ore, mined from government-approved concessions within the Katanga Province of the DRC, is traced along its secure closed supply chain to the end customer’s equipment in the form of tantalum capacitors.

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