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Declarable Substance Guide Under Extensive Revision

The Joint Industry Guide (JIG) for Material Composition Declaration for Electronics Products, version 101A, is undergoing an extensive revision. The guide provides a standardized list of substances for supply-chain disclosure that may be present in parts or components supplied to electronic manufacturers that are relevant for disclosure due to regulatory or other purposes. The latest revision is being implemented by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association (EICTA), and the Japanese Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI).

The original JIG 101 was published in 2005 by the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) and JGPSSI and supported by the Electronic Components Association (ECA) and the leading developer of standards for the solid-state industry, JEDEC. JIG version 101A was released by EIA and JGPSSI in 2007 in order to reflect recent regulatory changes since the initial version was published.

The revision of JIG 101A, referred to as Phase II Revision, will address the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical Substances (REACH) Regulation. The CEA, EICTA, and JGPSSI, together with JEDEC, ECA, and the Information Technology Industry Council, will evaluate listing criteria and identify declarable substances that are relevant for disclosure in order to comply with REACH Article 7 notification and Article 33 supply-chain and consumer communication requirements.

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