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Digital Radio Test Set Targets Analog, TETRA, And P25

Aeroflex’s 3920 Digital Radio Test Set for analog, TETRA, and P25 technologies features enhancements from its predecessors that provide test professionals with various test capabilities, extended analysis range, and file management functions. It can also perform all previous test-capabilities of the 3901 and 3902 models, including TETRA Mobile Station, Base Station, and Direct Mode tests.

An optional three-and-a-half-digit digital-multimeter function includes the ability to measure ac and dc voltage current as well as resistance. It provides RF operation from 10 MHz to 1 GHz standard, with OPT058 allowing up to 2.7 GHz. Front-panel connections or commands from GPIB and Ethernet measure ac voltages up to 150 V rms and dc voltages to 150 V. Additionally, the 3920 measures current up to 20 A (with optional external shunt) and as a fully automated ohmmeter capable of measuring from 0 to 20 MW.

The 3920 can export files to USB drives and connect external USB input devices for even easier operation. With extended audio input ranges, the 3920 can measure and analyze signals with range inputs of up to 30 V rms, which allows it to measure for AF frequency, AF level, SINAD, distortion, hum and noise, and signal-to-noise ratio.

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