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Eighth-Brick Converters First To Offer 4:1 Inputs

Embarking as the first eighth-brick dc-dc converter modules supporting 4:1 ultra-wide inputs, 9 to 36 V dc or 18 to 75 V dc, the UWE series from Murata Electronics delivers fixed outputs up to 75 W, making them viable as drop-in replacements for 100-W quarter-bricks where the full 100 W is not needed.

Typical applications include mobile and battery powered devices, test equipment, telecom, and wireless, plus distributed power architectures. Fixed output voltages range between 3.3 and 24 V dc and operating temperature range is from -40ºC to 85ºC with derating. An optional thermal mounting baseplate is available.

Other features include remote on/off control, trim, remote sense functions, pre-bias operation, plus input under-voltage, output short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature protection.

OEM pricing starts at $35 each.

Murata Electronics

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