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EMI-Filtered Terminal Block Rated To 30 Amps In Harsh Environments

Spectrum Control, Inc. has expanded its line of standard barrier strip terminal blocks to include a terminal block capable of 30-A current rating. This EMI-filtered barrier strip delivers its current rating without the expense expected from higher-current blocks, according to Spectrum Control. The 30-A barrier strip terminal blocks also provide high insertion loss for EMI/FRI filtering of ac and dc power lines and control lines.

These terminal blocks are available with 2 to 6 terminals and a 2,500- to 5,200-pF capacitance range. They operate in temperature ranges from -55°C to 105°C and 100-V dc working voltage. Spectrum Control’s terminal blocks are UL recognized and CSA approved for dc voltages and are available in RoHS-compliant versions.

Spectrum Control built this terminal block for rugged environments and touts terminals for soldering or spade lugs. Typical applications include filtering power supplies in telecommunications equipment, metering, industrial controls, instrumentation, and EDP equipment.

Prices range from $9.00 to $25.00, depending on configurations and quantity.

Spectrum Control

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