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eSilicon Acquires SwitchCore's Product Lines

Value Chain Producer (VCP) eSilicon Corporation acquired the existing product lines of SwitchCore AB, a provider of Ethernet network switching chips. eSilicon's production services business model includes managing the production of devices for companies who don't want or are unable to deal with the complexities of the semiconductor value chain. This way, eSilicon continues the supply of these product lines, saving customers financial and supply risks associated with the end-of-life buys they would have faced if the products became obsolete. "Through this agreement, we can continue to provide the value that SwitchCore's customers have realized from the company's high performance Ethernet switching devices, and ensure that the systems built around them will continue to be supported," Jack Harding, president and CEO of eSilicon, said in a statement. SwitchCore's customers include Allied Telesis, Alloptic, Huawei, Intel, and World Wide Packets.

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