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Ethernet Alliance Schedules Plugfests

Several upcoming plugfests conducted by the Ethernet Alliance will give members a chance to demonstrate to the industry the interoperability of various new Ethernet technologies. The sessions will be held at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability lab (UNH-IOL).

The Alliance’s Small Form Factor Pluggable Module/Electronics Dispersion Compensation (SFP+/EDC) subcommittee will host a plugfest for short-wavelength multimode fiber transceiver (10GBASE-SR) and long-wavelength single-mode fiber transceiver (10GBASE-LR) SFP+ optical modules. It is scheduled for Mar. 31 to Apr. 4. There will be several 10GBASE-SR and 10GBASE-LR modules interoperating and compliant with IEEE 802.3ae-2002. SFP+ enables high-density, 10-Gbit Ethernet (10GbE) connectivity using a small form factor previously only possible for GbE connections.

Also scheduled is a plugfest hosted by the Backplane Ethernet subcommittee from Apr. 7 to Apr. 11. It will offer Alliance members to opportunity to demonstrate IEEE 802.3ap-2007 technology readiness. Backplane Ethernet allows transmission of serial 10GbE for up to one meter over passive electrical backplanes, enabling a new generation of modular platforms for enterprise networks and data centers.

The SFP+/EDC subcommittee plans to hold a second plugfest in 2008 to demonstrate Long Range Multi-Mode (10GBASE-LRM) interfaces interoperating with different Electronic Dispersion Compensation Internet Connections (EDC ICs), ensuring compliance with IEEE 802.3aq-2006. The backplane Ethernet subcommittee also plans to hold a follow-on plugfest in 2008. Details on these plugfests will be available in the coming months.

Ethernet Alliance

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