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Firms Cooperate On WiMAX Interoperability Testing

In order to ensure that mobile WiMAX wireless products work properly together and with other products globally, Intel Corp., Nokia, and Nokia Siemens Networks have embarked on an interoperability-testing program. The program will test products across Intel’s forthcoming WiMAX silicon for laptops and mobile Internet devices, Nokia’s WiMAX devices, and Nokia Siemens Network’s WiMAX infrastructure equipment. The three companies have already started testing their equipment and devices with dozens of other equipment vendors’ products for interoperability and conformance with industry standards in Sprint’s Herndon, VA testing labs. Early interoperability testing between multiple industry partners will help to reduce the amount of time required for their respective products to successfully pass through the technical requirements from the WiMAX Forum.

Intel and Nokia will continue to push efforts with 500 other WiMAX Forum members to deliver end-to-end specifications for global interoperability of WiMAX devices and infrastructure. Nokia also said it will use Intel’s WiMAX silicon product, which is codenamed “Baxter Peak” and designed specifically for mobile Internet and consumer electronic devices, in its forthcoming Nokia Nseries Internet Tablets. The Internet tablets will be among the very first WiMAX-enabled open Internet devices expected to ship in 2008, the company said.

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