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Firms Lead Effort For Rugged MicroTCA Standard

Hybricon Corp. and Emerson Network Power have taken leadership positions in the new PICMG Rugged MicroTCA.2 subcommittee. Comprised of members from dozens of PICMG member companies, the subcommittee is focused on addressing the dynamic and challenging rugged environments that are critical for a number of applications in the military market.

Hybricon’s Michael Palis chairs the subcommittee and Bob Sullivan is secretary. Stuart Jamison from Emerson Network Power is draft editor. The subcommittee plans to address specific environmental requirements, such as shock and vibration, based on ANSI/VITA 47, for both air-cooled and conduction-cooled applications.

The subcommittee also will direct attention to higher levels of environmental stresses as a follow-on to the PICMG Rugged MicroTCA.1 effort. PICMG Rugged MicroTCA.1 is now nearing completion with a rugged air-cooled version of MicroTCA targeting commercial and industrial applications requiring a higher level of shock and vibration resistance or extended-temperature operation.

The two companies will showcase ruggedized MicroTCA solutions at the MicroTCA Summit May 28-30 in Chantilly, Virginia. They will demonstrate technologies that enable the implementation of Intel silicon into extreme environments, such as the severe shock and vibration encountered in vehicles that travel on uneven terrain. A live MicroTCA demo will highlight streaming video while operating under a simulated extreme terrain environment. In addition, Jamieson and Sullivan will present an overview of PICMG Rugged MicroTCA.1 and PICMG Rugged MicroTCA.2 in a tutorial on Wednesday, May 28.


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