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Freescale Launches Independent MRAM Company

Freescale Semiconductor and several venture capital firms have launched EverSpin Technologies, an independent company focused on magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) products. MRAM uses magnetic materials combined with conventional silicon circuitry to deliver the speed of SRAM with the non-volatility of flash memory in a single, high-endurance device.

As part of the agreement, EverSpin Technologies will take ownership of Freescale’s MRAM manufacturing assets and will be based in Chandler, Arizona. It will maintain and expand Freescale’s current line of standalone MRAM and related magnetic-based products. Freescale will transfer its MRAM technology, related intellectual property (IP), and products to EverSpin Technologies, but will continue to develop its own embedded products based on that technology.

The EverSpin team includes the same group of personnel that developed and introduced the world's first commercial 4-Mbit MRAM product in 2006. It has since expanded the product line to include 1-, 2-, and 4-Mbit MRAM products with commercial, industrial, and extended temperature operating ranges. EverSpin holds more than 200 integrated magnetics patents, and is also developing next-generation spin-torque transfer RAM technology.



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