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Competition for environmental innovations wards $100K in prizes to winner

Preserving the environment has never been so lucrative. Global electronics distribution company, Premier Farnell Plc., created its first environmentally friendly competition challenging electronics engineers, students, and hobbyists to roll up their sleeves and design an invention or innovation that will help the environment. The ‘Live Edge’ (Electronic Design for the Global Environment Enrollment) competition opened enrollment on May 15, and registration will continue up to October 31st. The winner of this contest wins $50,000 in cash and another production-assistance by Premier Farnell estimated up to another $50,000. A spokesperson from Newark, the Premier Farnell’s U.S. satellite company, said, "I think this thing will have a life of its own." Continuing, she said, "There could be thousands and thousands \[of entries\]." For contestants, ‘Live Edge’ is not only a trial to best the competition, but to help the shift the engineering world to a more environmentally conscious mentality. "Engineers have something that normal people do not," said the spokesperson. "They have the talent to do something beyond their own individual purpose." After registering, contestants are required to submit a description of the design, functionality, schematics, bill of materials, flow-diagrams of software routines, and, of course, a conclusion of the product’s benefits by November 30th. Multiple entries are encouraged, and all levels of ‘Live Edge’ are conducted over the Web. In addition to the first-place winner, five secondary contestants will receive $5,000 for their efforts. With this year’s competition being the first, Premier Farnell is hopeful that ‘Live Edge’, and in effect, environmental aptitude, will take off in years to come. "This year is a start," said Newark’s spokesperson. "‘Green’ is becoming trendy." The contest, which declares its winner in January 2008, is the culmination of Premier Farnell’s dedication to preserving the environment. "We’re involved in the environment in terms of providing customers with environmental education and laws," said the representative. "We’ve made a lot of steps in reducing our carbon footprint." Premier Farnell also implements its environment-friendly mentality in its everyday efforts to inform and educate its customers of the recent RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) laws. To register for this year’s ‘Live Edge’, or for more information on Premier Farnell Plc. visit Live Edge Web Site.

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