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Headset Cuts Risk Of Radiation

Cellular phones seem to have multiplied their way across the U.S. and ma3.ny parts of the world. Yet the debate over their safety is still unresolved. The consumer population seems to have largely been won over by the products' convenience, and therefore minimized such concerns. Yet studies continue to speculate that the daily use of mobile phones exposes the user to a very unhealthy dose of radiation. Supposedly, even regular headset wires can allow radiation to travel from the phone to the ear.

For those who want to use their mobile phones more safely without having to worry about any real or imagined radiation concerns, Sygnet Technologies (www.sygnet-tech.com) has made its RadFree headset available to consumers in the U.S. and Europe (see figure). In laboratory tests, this headset reduced the level of radiation that could potentially reach the brain by 98%. It promises to attain this level of protection using any cell phone and without negatively affecting sound quality.

The headset is available in a variety of colors and styles. The product comes equipped with a convenient one-touch on-off/mute button. The package also includes flexible ear-hooks and three types of rotating, interchangeable ear pads.

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