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High-Shear Extended Range Sensor Measures Thick Viscous Fluids

SenGenuity claims its ViSmart high-shear extended range sensor is the first solid-state sensor available for viscosity measurements in thick and viscous fluids. The sensor comes equipped with a smart sensor interface and can measure the viscosity of fluids from 1000 to 10,000 AV (acoustic viscosity) units, as compared to the previous product limit of a maximum 500 AV. Applications include oil condition monitoring of fixed assets with heavy viscous oils and process control for manufacture of ceramic slurry, adhesives, resins, specialty coatings, pharmaceutical coatings, ink, and paints.

The ViSmart viscosity sensor is designed to provide instantaneous sample and/or continuous, real-time, in-process viscosity measurements for applications that require high resolution and accuracy in embedded, in-line environments. The sensor has no moving parts; sealed for complete immersion; unaffected by vibration or flow conditions; does not need field calibration; and is packaged to be portable. Operating temperatures go up to 125°C. The ViSmart model series can be connected to any computer or control platform via the standard protocols, SenGenuity’s FluidTrackr handheld datalogger, or the VisConnect 4- to 20-mA transmitter to provide a continuous audit trail for process monitoring. A starter kit bench-top viscometer data station can be used to acquire multiple channels of continuous viscosity and temperature data.


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