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HP Settles Patent Suit

Hewlett-Packard Co. settled an ink cartridge patent infringement lawsuit with Germany-based InkTec GmbH Zentrale and PCE Group regarding inks used in the refilling of certain HP inkjet cartridges. HP also settled with Korea-based InkTec Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of the infringing products. Both InkTec companies and PCE acknowledged the validity of Hewlett-Packard's patents and admitted to infringing on them. The businesses will stop selling the infringing inks and will withdraw infringing products from the market in Germany and other countries. The companies will also pay HP an undisclosed sum. In October 2006, HP filed suit against InkTec GmbH Zentrale and the PCE Group in the District Court of Dusseldorf, Germany. HP asserted two patents relating to ink formulations and specifically accused InkTec refill kits used for refilling certain HP inkjet printer cartridges. "We're pleased to have resolved this matter quickly without extensive litigation and will continue to monitor InkTec and others for possible patent infringement as part of our ongoing worldwide testing and enforcement efforts," Michael Hoffman, senior vice president for the supplies, imaging and printing group for Hewlett-Packard, said in a statement.

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