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Hybrid Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers Get A Power Boost

AR Worldwide RF and Microwave Instrumentation have added two high-power amplifiers to its family of broadband hybrid solid state-and traveling-wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifiers.

The 35ST1G18 delivers a conservative 35-W minimum at the amplifier output connector with low harmonics, while the 50ST1G18 provides a 50-W minimum. Typical existing hybrid TWT units offer 10 and 20 W. Both are designed for the 0.8- to 18-GHz frequency range.

The solid-state amplifiers are fully VSWR-tolerant. The TWTs have VSWR protection. Standard features for both units include a built-in IEEE-4888 (GPIB) interface, 0-dBm input, gain control, RF output sample port, and monitoring of TWT helix current, cathode voltage, collector voltage, heater current, heater voltage, baseplate temperature, and cabinet temperature.

The hybrid TWTs provide readily available RF power for a variety of test and measurement applications (including EMC RF susceptibility testing), industrial and university research and development, and service applications.

For more information, visit www.ar-worldwide.com.

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