Electronic Design

<i> Electronica 2006 UPDATE: </i>26.9.2006 <br> <b> Win an E-Type Jaguar for a weekend </b>

Effective immediately, electronica attendees can register online and order their admission ticket or redeem their guest ticket. At http://www.electronica.de/tickets, they can enter their data to take advantage of the benefits of pre-registration: Instead of €32 for a one-day ticket, they pay the advanced sales price of €26. The prices for two-day and three-day tickets are also reduced. Registered attendees can save time and money by printing out their ticket voucher and then exchange it at the trade show for their admission ticket.

In addition, attendees can use their ticket voucher to ride free of charge throughout Munich's public transportation system (MVV) to the fair grounds on the day that they attend the trade show.

Jaguar prize

Visitors can sign up for the Global-electronica NetLetter; attendees who subscribe are entered into a prize drawing, with one of the prizes being the use of a Jaguar E-Type for the weekend.

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