Wireless Systems Design

IEEE Creating Standard For Wireless Technologies In Power System Operations

The IEEE has begun work on a new standard to create functional, performance, security, and on-site testing practices for wireless technologies in power system operations. The standard, IEEE P1777, "Using Wireless Data Communications in Power System Operations," will focus on newer technologies, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiMax, and cellular phones. In addition to the practical aspects of wireless use, it will address the dissemination of information on the uses, benefits, and concerns of wireless technologies in the industry. The standard will evaluate the potential of wireless technologies in power systems to determine where they are viable alternatives to wired systems and what further development they need in order to meet robustness, security, and reliability and other requirements. The standard will explore the potential uses of wireless technologies at many levels of power system operations, including substations, underground vaults, transmission and distribution circuits, generation and distributed-generation plants, and customer electrical and metering equipment. IEEE P1777 is sponsored by the IEEE Power Engineering Society.

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