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January 12, 2007



OVERVIEW · Mark David
  Cell-Phone Happy Meals Aren't As "Blue Sky" As You May Think

  What's All This GetHuman Stuff, Anyhow?


DIGITAL · Daniel Harris
Sign Of The Times: Digital Lanes Merge Ahead
ASICs · Daniel Harris
ASIC/ASSP Industry Faces Midlife Crisis
MCUs · William Wong
Oh, Those Money-Making Microcontrollers
FPGAs · Daniel Harris
FPGAs, Structured ASICs Bring Home The Bacon
DSP · William Wong
DSPs Here, There, And Everywhere

ANALOG · Don Tuite
Analog Firms Must Take A Global Stance
Amplifiers · Don Tuite
Fresh Applications Breed New Amplifiers
Data Converters · Don Tuite
Specialized Data Converters Move Up The Signal Chain

Fast, Quick, Speedy...It's All A Comm Game
Cell Phones · Louis E. Frenzel
3G May Be Here, But 4G Is On Its Way
DSL · Louis E. Frenzel
DSL Rules Broadband For Now

COMPONENTS · Roger Allan
It's Not Just A Matter Of Size For Components
Interconnects · William Wong
Switch Fabrics Get Scalable
Packaging · Roger Allan
3D Methods Push The "Thin Is In" Craze

EDA · David Maliniak
Down Come The Walls Between Software And Hardware Design
Prototyping & Implementation · David Maliniak
DFM Remains The Elephant In The Room
Design & Verification · David Maliniak
Complexity Woes Need An Abstraction Reaction

EMBEDDED · William Wong
To Build More, Buy More Boards And Tools
Hardware · William Wong
The Wait Is Over For High-Speed Serial Interfaces
Software · William Wong
Software Attempts To Match The Multicore/Cluster Blitz

POWER · Don Tuite
Energy-Hungry IT Centers See Hope In Digital Power
Management & Semiconductors · Sam Davis
Energy Star Mandates Power-Efficient PCs
Power Sources & Batteries · Sam Davis
Single-Cell Li-Ion Systems Spawn Compatible ICs

TEST & MEASUREMENT · Louis E. Frenzel
R&D In T&M Leads To New I&T — Innovation & Technology
Wireless Test · Louis E. Frenzel
10 Trends Keep Wireless T&M Vendors On Their Toes
PXI/LXI · Louis E. Frenzel
PXI And LXI Set The Table For A Tasty Test Buffet

DESIGN FAQS · Sponsored Editorial
Synchronous Rectifiers

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