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July 24, 2008

electronica 2008 - 11-14 Nov - Munich, Germany
As the international trade show for the electronics industry, electronica reveals the complete spectrum of all areas - in all of its variety, breadth and depth. Showing components, systems, applications and technologies in their relevant contexts reflects the great innovative power of electronics. Components, systems, applications and technologies - get the whole picture at electronica 2008.
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Engineering Feature · By Ron Schneiderman, Contributing Editor
The 2008 Technolympics

New modeling, software, better timing, precise GPS systems, larger IT support, and other improvements should help athletes and viewers alike. But does it cross the line competition-wise?

Technology Report · By Roger Allan, Technical Editor
Shrinking ICs Need High Density In A Package Deal

Wafer-level, SiP, and PoP methodologies combined with TSV interconnections help overcome IC miniaturization challenges.

Engineering Essentials · By Don Tuite, Analog Editor
Beyond The $10 Million Light Bulb

How many EEs does it take to screw in a light bulb? Maybe we should ask why EEs should care, and why they should consider LEDs in illumination applications.

Design Solution · Jitesh Shah, Integrated Devices Technology
Floorplanning A Power Delivery Network With Spice

Take a system-level approach to planning, analyzing, and implementing a PDN layout to meet a target impedance.

Design Solution · By Eran Kali and Giles Humpston, Tessera Technologies
Smart Optics Push Camera Phones Out Of The “Dark” Ages

New techniques enable low-light resolution that's comparable to commercial digital still cameras.


Ideas For Design · By Jianwen Shao, STMicroelectronics
Use A Boost Converter To Create An Auto-Dimmable LED Flashlight

Ideas For Design · By Jeff L. Radtke, Neodymics
Nanophosphate Batteries Create High-Energy, Rechargeable Source

Ideas For Design · By Samuel Kerem
Add On-Board Power Measurement Capability To Telecom Equipment

EEPN In Electronic Design · By Mat Dirjish, Packaging/Optoelectronics Editor
Projects And Partners Move OLEDs Closer To The Spotlight

EEPN In Electronic Design · Rajesh Nair, Degree Controls Inc.
Early Warning Is In The Air For Effective Thermal Management


Leapfrog · By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor
Smart As A Brick—A New Approach Rejuvenates IBA

Networking · By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
Cut Cost, Power While Delivering 10-Gbit/s Ethernet Over 30 m Of Copper

Digital · By Daniel Harris, Digital Technology Editor
GPIO Expander Takes A Bite Out Of Power

Communications · By Louis E. Frenzel
Powerline Modem Uses OFDM To Overpower Noise And Transmit Data Reliably

Communications · By Louis E. Frenzel
Five-Port Ethernet Switch Targets Cost-Sensitive Low-Port Apps


Editorial · By Joe Desposito, Editor-In-Chief
CEA Gives Downtown Manhattan A Digital Boost

Lab Bench · By Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
What Will You Do With 1 TFLOP Of Double-Precision Power?

Point Of View · By Kourosh Amiri, QPixel Technology
Consumer Video Chat: Hype Or Reality?

Pease Porridge · By Bob Pease
Bob's Mailbox

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