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Electronic Design

June 12, 2008

Webinar: Supercharging Products with Embedded RFID
June 26 @ 2 pm ET
Sponsored by SkyeTek

They may still look the same on the outside, but embedded RFID readers and software can transform products from the inside, offering manufacturers, OEMs, and product designers new opportunities for competitive advantage through increased efficiency, accuracy and product differentiation. With an seemingly unending list of products, RFID is a key technique to adding new functionality, increasing reliability and enhancing the user experience. At this webinar and interactive Q&A session learn the difference between RFID and existing barcode and contact technologies; and how embedded RFID has new applications in disposable authentication, smart shelves and cabinets, contactless payments, tracking, inventory and stock, and customizable configurations. Also catch up on unique technical and business considerations for embedded RFID and companies that are already implanting the technology.
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Engineering Feature · By Joe Desposito, Editor-in-Chief
The Top 50 Employers In Electronic Design

Whether you're validating your career choice or contemplating a move, we think you'll find this information valuable.

Technology Report · By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
Complex Wireless Standards Put Instruments To The Test

Hardware and software advances promise faster and simpler WiMAX and LTE testing.

Engineering Essentials · By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor
Back To Amp Camp

A little of the old, a little of the new—here's a quick brushup on amplifier lore.

Design Solution · By Stuart Jamieson and Gareth Smith, Emerson Network Power
A Signaling Gateway Can Stand Alone

Bridging PSTN and new IP networks with ATCA and MicroTCA offers a number of benefits for IP-based telephony.


Leapfrog · By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor
Charger Chip Supports Datacenter Memory System Backup Apps

Leapfrog · By Daniel Harris, Digital Editor
Drive Straight To The EEPROM On A Single Bus

Communications · By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
AC Powerline Connections Still A Viable Home Networking Choice

Ideas For Design · By Peter Khairolomour, Fairchild Semiconductor
Maintain Power-Conversion Efficiency While Saving PCB Space

Ideas For Design · By Michael Covington, The University of Georgia
Control Camera Time Exposure Through A Computer's Serial Port

Ideas For Design · By T.A. Babu, Electronics Consultant
Switch Tricks Electronic Ballast ICs Into Working On Low Voltages

Embedded In Electronic Design · By Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
Shining A Light On Bugs

Embedded In Electronic Design
Java Gains Static Source Code Analysis Tool

Embedded In Electronic Design
Smaller Stackable USB

Embedded In Electronic Design
ARM Gets Shot Of Support

Embedded In Electronic Design
Multicore, Multithreaded Goes Embedded

Embedded In Electronic Design
Net Module Secures Secrets

Embedded In Electronic Design
Long Life For Micro-ATX Motherboard


Editorial · By Joe Desposito, Editor-In-Chief
Staying Employed In This Industry Can Be Tough At Times

Lab Bench · By Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
Simple Is Better For C And Your Lawn

Power Design · By Tom Curatolo, Vicor Corp.
The Polymorphous Landscape Of Bus Voltages

Pease Porridge · By Bob Pease
What's All This Current-Source Stuff, Anyhow?

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