Wireless Systems Design

L-/S-Band LNA Features Very Low Noise Figure

With a noise figure of just 0.35 dB (typical) and 19-dB of associated gain at 2 GHz, NEC’s latest GaAs HJ-FET low-noise amplifier, the NE3510M04, is well suited for use as a first stage amplifier in satellite radio antenna applications. The device comes in a 1.25- by 2.0- by 0.59-mm, RoHS-compliant package, making it suitable for compact, low-profile designs (view the amplifier here). The device operates at L-band to S-band frequencies with a VDS of 2 V. At 2 GHz, ID is 10 mA. At 4 GHz, the typical noise figure is 0.45 dB, gain is 16 dB, and ID is 15 mA.

The NE3510M04 is in stock at California Eastern Labs and available in bulk or on tape and reel. For more information and a data sheet, visit www.cel.com.

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