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Lantronix Debuts First ManageLinx Application

VIP Access is the first available application of ManageLinx, a platform for application services from Lantronix Inc. The software provides secure, easy-to-deploy remote Internet access from a central location to virtually any piece of networked equipment behind firewalls.

ManageLinx is well-suited for original equipment manufacturers or managed service providers to generate, expand, or accelerate remote product service or smart-service business offerings. For chief service officers and those responsible for product support programs, the ability to access installed equipment residing behind customer firewalls has been a difficult challenge, and often an obstacle to realizing the benefits and additional revenue opportunities offered by remote product services.

The platform uses the Internet to create a Virtual Device Network that allows access only to authorized equipment, without visibility to any other part of the network and without compromising IT policies or firewall integrity. It is very easy to deploy and does not require any changes to the network hardware or configuration.

“After listening to our customers, we realized they continue to face significant challenges when trying to remotely access equipment behind a firewall,” said Jerry D. Chase, president and CEO of Lantronix. “VIP Access addresses this challenge with a simple-to-deploy Virtual Device Network giving them seamless, reliable, and highly secure access to firewall-protected equipment.”


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