Electronic Design

May 22, 2008

EVE is the worldwide leader in hardware/software co-verification solutions, including hardware description language (HDL) acceleration and fast emulation.


Engineering Feature · By Mat Dirjish, Packaging & Optoelectronics Editor
Top 101 Components Showcase Industry Innovation

Editors and readers combine to select and rank the best products of the past year.

Technology Report · By David Maliniak, EDA Editor
45th DAC Takes The SoC Methodology Plunge

Come to Anaheim this June to get up to speed on the latest in ESL, physical design, analysis technologies, and verification, with a slant toward hands-on tutorials.

Engineering Feature · By Roger Allan, Technical Editor
Temperature Sensors Are Hot... In Circuit Design

Thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, and IC temperature sensors are vital to the performance of every electronic circuit. Before you start your next design, learn more about how they work and where they will be most effective.

Design Solution · by Chris Uribe, Netburner Inc.
Build A Real-Time Flash GUI For Embedded Network Devices

Flash is the obvious choice over HTMl when it comes to real-time control and monitoring of Web pages that have rapidly changing dynamic content or animation.



Ideas For Design · By Anshi Chen, Stanford Research System
New Way To Use Kirchhoff's Current Law Simplifies Circuit Analysis

Ideas For Design · By Richard Heming, Institute for Analytical Sciences
Use PWM To Maintain Motor Speed And Phase While Eliminating Loop Filter

Ideas For Design · By Marvin Li and Ron Koo, Maxim Integrated Products
Simple Circuit Uses FET To Protect Car's Video Driver From Overvoltage

EEPN In Electronic Design · By Mat Dirjish, Packaging/Optoelectronics Editor
Tiny Sensor Detects Dangerous Gases Quickly And Efficiently

EEPN In Electronic Design · By Amit Gattani, Akros Silicon
Design For Electromagnetic Compliance In Ethernet Systems

EEPN In Electronic Design · By Donna Sandfox, Omron Electronic Components
Measuring Large Flows With Small Sensors Improves Accuracy


Leapfrog · By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor
Sensor Detects Light And Proximity For Unique Mobile Applications

Digital · By Daniel Harris, Digital Technology Editor
Dive Into New Markets With Platform FPGA

DDR2 Memory Serves Up An Ace

TSMC Announces First 40-nm Process

Embedded · By William Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
Autonomous Robots Roll At Robobusiness 2008

Wireless · By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
Software-Defined Transceiver Chip Handles Any Band And Protocol


Editorial · By Joe Desposito, Editor-In-Chief
Speaking Of Components, Here's An LED Story

Lab Bench · By Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
Know Your Limitations Before Designing Your Next Robot

Point Of View · By Keith Prettyjohns, Innovasic Semiconductor
Improve The QoS In Your Ethernet Control Systems

Pease Porridge · By Bob Pease
Bob's Mailbox

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