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Meeting Will Discuss Universal Power Supplies

The second meeting of the Alliance for Universal Power Supplies (AUPS) will focus on questions such as how power is really distributed in the office, how China established a workable cell-phone-charging standard, and how the Environmental Protection Agency views the proliferation of power supplies. The half-day meeting is scheduled for June 13 at the PG&E Auditorium in San Francisco.

Speakers will include John Katz, pollution prevention coordinator at the EPA’s Region 9, and Guili He of the China Academy of Telecommunications Research of the Ministry of Industry and Information. Also, Joel Zwier, manager of advanced marketing at Steelcase will discuss “Power Distribution and Connectivity in Today’s Office.” The conference will include an industry panel on “What’s Stopping All of Us from Doing What Everyone Wants?” Other sessions will include “The Consumer’s Voice” and “A Greener Workplace.”

AUPS is an industry standards group committed to developing a universal power interface for electronic products that use external power supplies. According to Darwin Chang, CTO at Westinghouse Digital Electronics, “The formation of the AUPS is an important step for companies committed to creating open systems to power their products. A sensible standard will serve as a catalyst for manufacturers and boon to consumers.”

Alliance for Universal Power Supplies

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