Electronic Design

Mercury, Nvidia Provide On-The-Fly Data Computation

Nvidia and Mercury Computer Systems will collaborate to provide exploration and production (E&P) application developers with solutions that simultaneously computate and visualize 3D seismic data sets. Mercury will use Nvidia's Tesla GPU compute power inside its Open Inventor 3D development toolkit for data analysis, interpretation, and simulation E&P workflows. Combining the two enables application developers to make massive dynamic or static computations while simultaneously providing 3D visualization feedback. Geophysicists usually use 3D workstations to extract the best data from their seismic volumes during QC and interpretation. Some tasks require access to a supercomputing datacenter to run complex algorithms on large data volumes. Nvidia and Mercury are providing the kind of processing power normally found in a supercomputer on a standard workstation, enabling a fundamental transition in workflow, according to Andy Keane, general manager of the GPU Computing business at Nvidia.

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