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Microchip Releases 1 Mbyte SPI Serial EEPROM

Microchip Technology released what it claims are the fastest 20 MHz, 1 Megabit SPI serial EEPROM devices in the industry — the the 25AA1024 and 25LC1024. The company also released several 128 Kbit and 512 Kbit devices today, expanding its portfolio to include serial EEPROMs across the entire SPI memory-density range (1 Kbit to 1 Mbit). With byte-level reads and writes, its 10 MHz 25XX128/512 devices and 20 MHz 25XX1024 EEPROM devices require no external memory, nor do they require sector erases prior to writes. The result is faster programming times, lower program voltages, fewer components and simplified system operations. The devices were created with the latest version of Microchip's unique PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell (PEEC) process technology and have full voltage-range operation from 1.8 to 5.5 V. "Our customers have been asking for high-density, true SPI EEPROM devices for use in applications where serial Flash's limitations in voltage, temperature and sector operations are severe," Randy Drwinga, vice president of Microchip's Memory Products Division, said in a statement.

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