Mouser To Expand European HQ

Mouser To Expand European HQ

Distributor Mouser Electronics, anticipating growth in European sales, plans to increase resources at its European headquarters in Munich. According to Graham Maggs, European marketing director, the expansion will include more personnel to concentrate on focused technical content. The team in Munich, one of eight European locations, also will continue to develop eCommerce solutions.

“ECommerce impacts hugely on our business,” says Maggs. “We have invested heavily in our Web site. This year, for example, we developed a BOM tool and further improved our Search Accelerator to speed up the complex and critical process of building BOMs.”

Mouser’s customer base jumped nearly threefold in 2013, with sales growing around 30% year-on-year. It also saw an 11% increase in sales of parts that were introduced by the manufacturer within the last 12 months (NPI). Semiconductors now represent over 40% of Mouser’s European sales.


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