Wireless Systems Design

Multiprotocol Infrastructure Solution Is Optimized For Radio Transmission, Cellular Backhaul Applications

Semiconductor manufacturer Galazar Networks is now offering a multiprotocol infrastructure solution targeted at carrier-grade networks for radio transmission and cellular backhaul applications.

The combination of Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, DS1/E1 and DS3/E3 client interfaces make RadioNode a suitable choice for providing efficient multiplexing of the variety of signal formats in today’s radio access networks. Inherent support for low-order UPSR/SNCP rings allows efficient sharing of bandwidth and minimises ports at the radio network controller (RNC) and base station controller (BSC) when aggregating traffic from multiple cell sites. Support for up to 28 DS1/E1 ports and 8 Ethernet ports allows for continued growth of the existing DS1/E1 infrastructure while supporting the transition to Ethernet-capable cell station equipment. SONET/SDH fiber infrastructure in the radio access network also provides increased immunity to costly service interruptions caused by tower lightning strikes.

In radio transmission applications, RadioNode’s 0:2 SONET/SDH interface protection, used in conjunction with VCAT and LCAS, allows Ethernet traffic to be split over two diverse links providing resiliency to radio link interruptions. It also effectively doubles the contiguous transmission capacity to 311 Mbits/s.

For more information, visit www.galazar.com

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