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National Instruments Aiding Design Of Medical Devices

Many medical-device manufacturers have developed their products using hardware and software from National Instruments. To encourage the growth of this market segment, NI has instituted three initiatives: a free workshop that demonstrates the company’s technology; a second, two-day workshop to give physicians, scientists, and engineers a networking forum; and a grant program to provide support for start-up companies.

The one-day workshop, “Medical Device Development—From Concept to Approval,” will show attendees how they can use NI hardware and software to develop more efficient and cost-effective products. Offered in three U.S. locations, the session features topics such as system requirements, prototyping, test development, deployment, and FDA validation.

In collaboration with Carilion Biomedical Institute, NI also is co-hosting an industry workshop that brings together physicians, scientists, and engineers who are focused on developing innovative, effective and safe medical devices. The Medical Device Workshop is scheduled for August 5-6 during NIWeek 2008, the company’s annual graphical system design conference and exhibition. This session will examine the landscape of the medical device market and offer a unique networking opportunity for physicians, researchers, and engineers. Additionally, National Instruments will provide hands-on training on how to use its technology to simplify all phases of medical device development.

Additionally, because many of the innovative advances in medical technology over the past 20 years have been developed by small, entrepreneurial medical technology companies, National Instruments has created a grant program that will award up to $25,000 in software, support, and training to up to 40 start-up medical device companies that are evaluating NI hardware as a component of their devices. National Instruments is accepting applications for the grant program until Sept. 30.

National Instruments

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