NEC Launches Home & Office LTE Femtocells

NEC Launches Home & Office LTE Femtocells

Tokyo, Japan: NEC has launched its version of the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) femtocell, which is intended to help telecom carriers reduce their capital investment spending. Two models will be available in the second quarter of 2012—one for offices and one for homes (see the figure). The company has drafted agreements with 18 telecom carriers around the world to deliver comprehensive femtocell systems that include femto gateways and basestations.

Femtocells connect to a telecom carrier’s core network through an indoor broadband connection, while the connections between the basestations and terminals occur over LTE. NEC’s LTE femtocells feature plug-and-play functionality that configures each device simply by connecting it to the broadband line, without the need for any initial settings. They also automatically control RF interference, enabling users to build high-speed, high-volume communications environments indoors, even when installed amid different networks such as outdoor LTE basestations.


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