Electronic Design

NetLogic Uses TSMC Half-Node Process

NetLogic Microsystems and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) collaborated on the creation of new NetLogic processors using TSMC's 55-nm semiconductor process technology. The processors, along with other custom circuits, were specifically designed for the 55nm process, and NetLogic has refined the design and tape-out flow for this node with the help of TSMC. This positions NetLogic for future design of other products for the 55nm node. According to a company release, a second chip targeted for this process has already taped-out and is currently in fabrication at TSMC. "NetLogic Microsystems made a significant achievement by being one of the first to tape out and manufacture with our 55nm-GP process," Jason Chen, vice president of corporate development at TSMC, said in a statement. "This is particularly notable, considering the high logic density and complexity of NetLogic Microsystems’ new chip." NetLogic and TSMC have prevously collaborated on using half-node process technologies like 110nm and 80nm. TSMC said its half-node strategy helps clients gain a competitive edge in low-power and low-cost designs. NetLogic's new processors offer parallel processing capabilities that enable quad-play (convergence of voice, video, data and mobility) and IPv6 applications.

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