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New Physical Layer Defined For MOST150

The MOST Cooperation, the standards organization for the Media-Oriented Systems Transport automotive multimedia network, has revised its Physical Layer Specification. The new spec is available to members as part of MOST Rev. 3.0 and can be used for product implementation.

A working group consisting of car, device, and component makers used experience gathered from MOST25 to develop the new specification for MOST150. MOST150 uses the well-known and established MOST25 1-mm step index POF polymer fiber. The mechanical interface at the wire harness connector stays the same, only the optoelectronics are adapted to the new speed grade. Most of the elements of the new MOST150 specification can be carried over to future, cost-optimized MOST25 generations.

An integral approach was used to define the electrical and optical signal parameters for MOST150 as well as cost optimized standardized packages and pin-out descriptions for optoelectronic converters. The specification addresses the challenges of soldering processes, changeability of fiber-optic elements with alternative replacements, and new opportunities to organize supply chains of components.

Later this year, the working group will define an updated compliance process to test products for conformance to the new requirements. The process will be carried over from MOST25 and will be enhanced with reliability testing techniques.

MOST Cooperation

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