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OBSAI Specifications Become Freely Available

The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) has made the first versions of its open base-station-interface specification documents available to non-members. The specifications are relevant to the interfaces between the transport, control, baseband-processing, and radio functional modules. They were developed by OBSAI's 115 member companies. The companies' activities span modules, components, and base stations.

These specifications were first made available to OBSAI members in 2003 along with a detailed systems reference document. Now, any party with an interest in viewing these specifications may do so directly from the OBSAI web site. The base-station interface specifications are compatible with GSM, GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA, and CDMA. In addition, they are continually under review with respect to the newer air interfaces that are emerging in the industry.

An open base-station architecture allows manufacturers to focus their research and development efforts on their core competencies. They also can buy selected base-station modules from each other and other specialist module vendors. These aspects will result in faster development of innovative, cost-effective base stations. They also will result in earlier and lower-cost introductions of new technologies and services to network operators.

Companies that wish to view the specifications may visit www.obsai.org. Upon acceptance of OBSAI's terms and conditions, visitors may download the first-version OBSAI interface specification documents. A list of member companies also is available on the web site.

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