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October 23, 2006

  Greetings, and welcome to the October 23 Electronic Design TOC Newsletter. I am happy to present to you our annual YOUR Most Important Issue Of The Year. You told us what professional issues concern you most, where the government should step up R&D, and how outsourcing is affecting the U.S. electrical engineering industry. We took that information and broke it down to identify what's on YOUR mind. This is YOUR issue. Take a look, and find out what your peers have to say about what it means to be an electronic designer today and what the industry will look like tomorrow.

Don't forget to check out the YOUR issue hot spot at electronicdesign.com/eesurvey. Chock full of more facts and figures from our annual reader survey, the YOUR issue hot spot breaks down the questions and responses that shape the YOUR issue.

Enjoy the issue!

Mark David
[email protected]
Electronic Design



EEs At Work: What You Make And What You Think
In their professional lives, engineers always strive to come up with optimal, elegant solutions to complex problems. The engineering profession itself, however, doesn't lend itself easily to such solutions...
Finally, Salaries Are Rising Again
Few issues generate more passion these days than the controversy surrounding H1-B visas. Many U.S.-born engineers, including those who already have been displaced or consider themselves vulnerable to displacement, say the program costs countless American engineering jobs...
Is There A Shortage Of Analog Engineers?
Is there a shortage of analog engineers? Some industry data suggests there is. But when Electronic Design asked its readers earlier this year if their organization is having difficulty finding qualified analog engineers, more than half said they do not...
Are You Satisfied? Mixed Feelings Mark The Industry
Engineers truly are a conflicted bunch. Only 40% of the respondents to our 2006 survey feel strongly secure in their job, and fewer than half (47%) believe that a career path in engineering and the potential for salary advancement are as promising as they were five years ago...
The Changing Face Of Engineering
More than 2500 readers took time from their busy schedules to take our 2006 Reader Survey. And we're not surprised so many of you responded, since this year's study tackled so many issues that hit close to home-including outsourcing and the future...


Hall of Fame · Christine Hintze & Doris Kilbane
· Ray Kurzweil: Inventor, Futurist, Life Changer
· Arthur A. Collins: A Hero Among Hams
· Gordon Gould: The Long Battle For The Laser Patent
· Charles Proteus Steinmetz: Genius, Forethinker
· Andrew Viterbi: The Key To Communications 40 Years Early
· Edward Weston: A Dynamic Electrical Engineer
Design FAQs
High-Voltage ICs
By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor

EDITORIAL · Mark David
An Issue Dedicated To Understanding Your Role


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