Electronic Design

October 9, 2008

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Engineering Feature · By Roger Allan, Technical Editor
Semi ICs Drive Auto Safety And Control Innovation

To meet safety and energy mandates, as well as add value to their cars, automakers rely on a vast array of semiconductor chips to create safer, more intelligent, and more efficient automobiles.

Technology Report · By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
IPTV Makes Channel Surfing More Like Web Surfing

Internet Protocol TV looks to put a sizable dent into cable TV's domination over the television-delivery marketplace.

Engineering Feature · By Roger Allan, Technical Editor
OLEDs Put On Quite A Display

Though the technology is in its infancy, OLEDs are quickly making their way into displays of all sizes in portable products, TVs large and small, and energy-efficient white-light sources.

Design Solution · By Pattye Brown, Freescale Semiconductor
Use ZigBee For Cost-Effective WPAN Sensing And Control Solutions

A proactive, logical, and well-organized design evaluation with solid reference design helps simplify WPAN design and development.



By Robert H. Russell, Garmire Russell Associates
Simple Threshold Switch For An LED Indicator

By Lakshmi Narasimharao Chitturi, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
Six MOSFETs, Four Pins Create Two-Input Combo NAND/NOR Gate


Leapfrog · By Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor
Ultrasound AFEs Get More Specialized, Easier To Design With

Data Acquisition · By Mat Dirjish, Components Editor
Data-Logger Trio Handles Heat, Pressure, And Budgets

EDA · By David Maliniak, EDA Editor
Synopsys Takes The Analog/Mixed-Signal Plunge

Wireless · By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor
Millimeter-Wave MMIC Power Amp Operates From 18 To 33 GHz

Wireless · By Louis E. Frenzel
Sensor Offers Web-Based Monitoring


By William Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
3D Imaging: You've Just Got To See It

By William Wong
Kit Combines RTOS And IDE

By William Wong
Implement Your DLP Ideas

By Bill Wong

By Bill Wong
DSC Lets Coprocessor Handle Real-Time Analog

By William Wong
MCU Packs In Massive nvSRAM

By William Wong
MCU Goes Green Trying To Do Nothing


Editorial · By Joe Desposito, Editor-in-Chief
GaN-Based Power Device Signals Next-Gen Power Conversion

Lab Bench · By Bill Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor
Will Getting Closer To Flash Be Cheaper? Faster? Better?

Point Of View · By Dave Elliott, Altera Corp.
FPGAs Get Behind The Wheel Of In-Cabin Automotive Systems

Pease Porridge · By Bob Pease
What's All This Space Heather Stuff, Anyhow?

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