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Online Tool Offers Heatsink Modeling In 3D

Mersen-Fig-APCIM 2012 Nuremberg, Germany: An updated version of Mersen’s R-Tools, its free online thermal modeling tool for heatsinks, is based on an advanced three-dimensional numerical model. The tool provides a quick overview of technical possibilities for constructing heatsink solutions based on high-density, mechanically swaged fins and liquid cooling. Simulation of extruded profiles is possible, too.

By filling in details of the components to be cooled, the selected heatsink, and the cooling conditions, the user obtains a graphical source layout and full simulation of the cooling cycle. All parameters can be refined to explore various technical solutions for a given application.

For further optimisation, single parameters of the heatsink model can easily be altered, subsequently providing the user with a swift simulation of the potential impact.

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