Partnership Developing White Space Radio For WISPs

Partnership Developing White Space Radio For WISPs

Cambridge, U.K.: White space radio company Neul is joining forces with Carlson to produce a white space radio for wireless Internet service providers (WISPs). The idea is to bring broadband Internet to underserved customers around the globe using unused parts of the TV spectrum.

The proposed system would give WISPs access to more than 100 MHz of high-quality white space radio spectrum in the UHF band. Although TV broadcasters use all the bands in this part of the spectrum, not all are in use in all geographic locations, leaving gaps that can be utilised for data services.

The propagation characteristics of the UHF band, which allow transmission over long distances and through walls, make it ideal for serving rural or remote areas with wireless data services. Line of sight is not needed.

Carlson was one of the first companies to implement successful TV white space-based broadband systems by virtue of experimental licenses, most notably on Native American reservations. Neul plays an active role in the Cambridge White Spaces Consortium and has several wireless data trials currently underway in the U.K.

Carlson and Neul say they aim to ship their system before the end of 2011. They also say that it will be a high-bandwidth product that is designed for use in the U.S., U.K., and beyond.



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