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Electronic Design

PCMOS Microchip Razes Power, Boosts Speed

Under real-world testing of a type of computing that thrives on random errors, Rice University scientists have unveiled a microchip that uses 30 times less power while running seven times faster than the best existing technologies. Dubbed PCMOS, the device piggybacks on established CMOS technology. Although PCMOS runs on standard silicon, it allegedly breaks itself from the pack by abandoning the traditional Boolean logic in favor of probabilistic logic, developed by members of the research team.

PCMOS was jointly validated by Rice University and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Prototypes were ASICs designed solely for encryption. The Rice-NTU team plans to follow its proof-of-concept work on encryption with proof-of-concept tests on microchips for cell phones, graphics cards, and medical implants.

Rice University

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